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Corporate Management

We help to lead, administrate and direct the companies.

Strategic Management

We provide overall direction to the enterprise and involve specifying the organization's objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans.

Operational Management

We improve efficiency and controlling costs within the boundaries set by the organization's strategy.

Stakeholder Management

We create positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

Project Integration Management

We identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.

Project Scope Management

We provide decomposition of works to ensure that the project includes all the work required to complete the project successfully.

Project Time Management

We manage timely completion of the project, including definition and management of key project points.

Project Cost Management

We provide estimating, budgeting and controlling costs so that the project can be completed within the approved budget. Budget savings management.

Project Quality Management

We develop processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities so that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.

Project Human Resource Management

We organize, manage, and lead the project team as a combination of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project.

Project Communications Management

We provide timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of project information.

Project Risk Management

We conduct risk management planning, identification analysis, response planning, and monitoring, and control on a project. We increase the probability and impact of positive events, and decrease the probability and impact of negative events in the project.

Project Procurement Management

We develop processes necessary to purchase or acquire products, services, or results needed from outside the project team. Purchases time management.




Omenus GROUP is a leading Moscow and Saint-Petersburg based audit and consulting company focused on project management and consulting in the real estate sector. Omenus GROUP experience and flexibility would provide invaluable service for our partners and clients.

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